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You are quick to tell me when I appear in your dreams. If you ever wonder why I never do the same, it’s because my subconscious usually only brings my lovers out to haunt me. I’ve dreamt of you once, and I hope I never do again.


When I was a kid I read a story about a boy who falls in love with a girl who has a green ribbon tied around her neck. For all the years they spend together, she never lets him untie the bow.


Someone recently rewrote the story from her perspective.


It’s a full moon every time we are together. The wild rears its head in me, and I can see my own thirst for blood mirrored in your eyes. The fight begins, and it never ends, because neither of us will admit defeat.


At least we are not sheep. We pay no mind to them.


But what happens when neither submits? He tugs at my ribbon and thinks I won’t notice. Hoping that one day, I’ll give up that final secret.


Her head falls off. That’s how the story ends.

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