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hell hath no fury like

a woman who figured out

how to make the lamps in her home stop flickering


summertime has always been

my least favorite time of the year

with the long, hot days that threaten

to stretch into the next century

as a child i dreaded

what the anger boiling beneath my skin might bring

as a woman

i learned to harness it

my throat vibrates, voice ready

as i open my eyes to yet another sweltering morning

today we mourn the passing

of what might have been

kiki? do you love me?

the answer was probably no,

since he disappears without a goodbye

they call me a monster

because my screams can shatter glass

but i can't help it if death

is always clipping at my heels

i don't call her to anyone, only

let the world know when she's arrived

as a woman

they just want to call me crazy

the minutes and the hours and the days drag on

i wonder if it's really nothing i did

there's no way to know

until you hear me once again

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