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Let us go, then, let us fly

right up into the starry night sky

first to the black, and then to the white

‘til the morning makes us forget the night

Grab my hand, call me your girl

make my body dance and my heart twirl

take me out for a diet coke

pretend that we aren’t even broke

seduce me using just your eyes

silence my prevailing cries

lie with me on a random lawn

laugh until we see the dawn


Take me down the long hallway

before the sun, before the day

take me for a little tumble

before that we make that daunting stumble

make me fall, then fall once more

beg me not to walk out the door

hold me down and hold me tight

in that soft, everlasting sea of white


A train clatters by, and for a moment

time stops and we are forced to stay silent

Oh, if I could just freeze that frame,

just live in that moment where it’s all the same

I’d bear the noise if you looked at me,

if you promised it would always be


I am not free, I cannot fly

I don’t believe in stars, or in the sky

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