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it's just us, now

This summer, the radio sings

"just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over"

the perfect anthem for hot nights of lust and flings

drowning in bittersweet cocktails

underneath clear skies and

Mercury, now in retrograde

We have been stronger than

the seasons,

the planets, and the stars

Two weeks ago my head lay on your chest

and I could feel my spirit melting into yours with each breath

a pathway forming from me to you

lined with pomegranates and chrysanthemums

I leave the promise of spring behind

for a world that runs deeper

Unlike his brothers, for the lord

of down below

there has only ever been one

Two years, and just like that

my hair grows long and tangles with flowers

an eclipse of the moon and sun guiding me

on the familiar path down

Mortals, they don't understand

why I must leave them

They would keep me dancing through the woods

As we look out over our kingdom

he holds me, every time like the first,

whispering visions of the future into my lips

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