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out with the lamb, in with the lion

it's actually March that is the cruelest month,

the spring of discontent following cold February

one day warmed by a tropical sun and ocean breeze

the next, blown over and buried by a blizzard

the moon ends one phase and begins another

showing a new face in the spotlight of the sun

dearly beloved, we are gathered here

today, to witness the turning of the tides

as the ocean surges upward to the sky

pulled into the heavens with a new life force

the waves roar and crash before us

ready for the end to this era of peace

May might bring us the beginning of the hot season

where the cloud cover breaks and the sun consumes all

the summer of our victory calling out

pulling us forward into battle and beyond

the cycle of the moon never broken

but growing more beautiful with each rotation

and my latest fantasy has shown me

with my back pressed up against the wall of a chapel

green ribbon tied around my throat as you

shove my bodice down and lift my skirt up

the world as we know it, changing, maybe destroyed

as the moon collides with the sun

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