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lunar beams

Once, I heard Pluto tell Jupiter

a woman that loves you is never to be crossed

but the latter, he never quite figured out

just how to be the man Juno needed him to be

so every time she speaks of love, loyalty, and so on

I slip away with my chariot and disappear into the sky


I would be lying if I said

that part of me didn’t wonder sometimes


just how much the moon can affect the tide of the ocean

whether Neptune keeps a close eye on the sky during a clear night

whether he really cares when she starts to wane

whether he cares at all


but as I make my arc from one horizon to another

his face always finds me from beneath the waves

I can feel myself glow brighter as my skin hums

you are the one

it’s you it’s you it’s you

it will always be you


back on Mount Olympus we wine and dine and dance

with other gods and nymphs

until the time when his eyes meet mine from across the room

and we abscond to a secret corner


his lips brush against my ear

sending a thrill through me as he whispers

we know who the real ring leaders are

but we can never give that away


I run my fingers through his hair

still curly and thick with salt as I reply

it’s a shame they’ll never tell our stories

but I guess the greatest treasure always stays hidden


later I fall asleep to the sound

of the rain and the waves crashing into one another

behind the white noise is a darker mantra

you are the one

it’s you it’s you it’s you

it will always be you

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