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new year's day

last night I was tripping over stairs and words

the stars and lights of the city

growing blurrier with each passing hour

we were dancing, running

from the past to the future

we collapse into bed

and I whisper my secrets into your hair

midnight turns to morning

ends into beginnings

the moon remains

this afternoon I wake up with the sun in my eyes

cold winter light pouring through the city

so it grows clearer with each passing hour

we lie, immovable

and time stops for us

we walk the streets

as you wind your fingers into my hair

noon turns to evening

hellos into goodbyes

the moon remains

tonight I fall asleep with blood on my lips

teeth sharp like a hungry fox

running beneath the light of the waxing moon

we are racing, flying

from the past to the future

we dissolve into dreams

our hair tangling along with the sheets

one turns to two

dark into light

the moon remains

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