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The seven year itch is not so simple
I crossed oceans for you.
Plugged my ears from the siren song
While He listened intently from the mizzenmast
Looked at the stars when the nights were long
I burned for you for seven years
As I crossed every ocean

In the first year we won the war
So left to get back home
Skylla held me tightly in her claws
While He let Athena guide him on
I narrowly escaped her hungry jaws
And lived to see another dawn
We had won the war, but we had to fight
The battle to get back home

Circe turned me, Calypso made me
Yearn for the safety of your arms
He let us stay stranded on her isle
Where gilded beaches left us wanting more
Making love to her, all the while
His lady waited patiently by the shore
I met the most beautiful goddesses of our world
And neither compared to you

Perhaps you want or deserve a hero
A man who was born to lead all men
But by all I’ve seen, they’re never true
Especially to the ones devoted to them
And as I see you on Ithaca’s sand
Starting to smile through sapling tears
I think I must be made a god now on this land
You are heaven. I burned for seven years.

a poor

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