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the long haul

It’s a tale as old as time, written in

an age ruled by convenience


and disposability


The world of our great grandparents

revolved around the philosophy of

If it’s broke, fix it.

There were no replacements

no trade-ins

for some elusive, better model


I’m not a mechanic, but I can learn

how to change the oil or

fix a flat tire. Whatever it takes

to keep this vehicle running smooth


Nothing worth having was ever easy to get

and nothing worth keeping was ever

effortless to maintain

On the other side of struggle, we always

find something greater

than what we had started with


My parents have loved each other fiercely

for the past thirty years

Checking the engine, cleaning its parts

putting in the time, always


I’ve already buckled in for the long haul

road map sitting on my lap

spare tire and gasoline waiting in the trunk

the adventure is waiting for us, and

it doesn’t matter where we’re going

just how we get there

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