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Education and Training
The God Inside My Ear
Elizia's best friend encourages her to move on after her breakup.
The Night They Knocked
The ladies of Letty Cabin figure out what to do about a shocking secret.
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Awards and Nominations

The God Inside My Ear

Best Actress


Won: Shawna Shea Film Festival 2018, West Coast Horror Film Festival 2018

Nominated: New Orleans Horror Film Festival, Wreak Havoc Film Festival, FilmQuest Film Festival

Anne Dark
A teen with paranormal superpowers fights back against the dark forces threatening to destroy her world.
The Rose Tattoo
Rosa and Jack on their last night together.
Yellow-Eyed Creatures
Cree and Ora tell their own version of the creation story.
The Unbroken Salt Circle
Elise, after dying a tragic death, is resurrected back to life by her lover.
The Miracle Worker
The moment of revelation for Helen.
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